Special Order

Special Order
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  • Item #: Special Order
  • Manufacturer: XDMAN
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: Special Order
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Price $1.00

Special or Custom Orders 

Before ordering you should have contacted us first to make sure we can order or do what you need. 

Check out like you normally would, but use the special instructions (above were you will enter in your CC/Debit card info) box and type in what it is you are looking for or service you need. Please include your CVV in the instructions. 

include the:

  • Model number I give you 
  • Price for the item 
  • Shipping price  
  • Other notes I will need ---- like if we are going to install

You will check out and the shopping cart will show 1.00 but we will adjust the order when we run the card for the correct amount that we have aranged for. 

Our page to help you out with shipping stuff to us: