Striker Retainer Pin Installation

Striker Retainer Pin Installation
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  • Item #: Retainer Pin Install
  • Manufacturer: XDMAN
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: Roll Pin Install
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Price $5.00

Striker Retainer Pin

The factory striker retainer pin can be located on the top of the slide as seen in the picture above by the red arrow. The factory part is a 3mm x 16mm carbon steel split roll pin. The same pin is found in all XD and XDM pistol slides and is considered a consumable part that should be replaced every couple thousand rounds or with prolonged dry-firing. Springfield Armory receomends use of snap caps to extend the life of the part during dry-firing sessions. If you notice that this roll pin keeps working it's way out of the slide it should probably be replaced. 

We offer three different pin options listed in the XD Parts section of the website:

  • Standard pin - is a direct replacement for the stock part. 
  • Stainless Steel - not any stronger but matches stainless/chromed slides better.
  • Coiled Spring Roll Pin - is a stonger replacement part.


Brand new virgin pins that have never been installed into a pistol before can be harder to install into the slide. For 5.00 we will install your choice of One roll pin. We will disassemble the slide and install the new retainer pin. If we can get your facotry one out without damage we will return your facotry parts. With this service you can either purchace the Retainer Pin direct from us or send your own with your slide.